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Who is responsible for the event?:

Dynamite Conventions, LLC is the company that plans and manages this and many other wonderful events throughout the year.  To see there other events, go to www.dynamiteconventions.com. You can also purchase event merchandise!


Dynamite Conventions, LLC Leadership:

James Fowler (CEO and Founder) – Founder of Tokyo in Tulsa, CrashLanded and Heroic Halloween.  He is only let out three times a year to host Dynamite events, otherwise he is kept heavily medicated, away from light and working on that little drooling problem.

Melinda West (Operations) – Operations and programming director. She spends her days filling young minds with science and her nights planning the programming of our events. (pssst... we still don't know how she does it.)

Shailaja Marion (Sales / Administration) – Never actually talks to anyone … just takes our papers and emails and does something magical (some sort of black voodoo) called filing and data entry.  She also is the local cat herder (if artists and vendors were cats … maybe they are… get back to you on that).


Bag Inspection:

Bag inspection is a part of our dedication to providing a safe environment to our guests.


To ensure that no dangerous or illegal items enter the convention space, we will be randomly inspecting bags, backpacks and containers.


If you are selected for Bag Inspection, to make the process go quickly please:


  • Unzip all pockets.

  • Please keep control and possession of your bag.

  • Security and Staff may not directly handle your possessions.

  • You may be asked to move or remove an item so that the person inspecting can get a better visual on the contents.  Please do so quickly.


Refusal to submit to Bag Inspection will result in your removal from the event space and not allowed back in until the bag has been removed from the premises or inspected. 


Line Etiquette:

Lines are a wonderful way to meet new people! Keeping your group together and making sure lines do not block entrances or exits, keeping a gap in front of the door, and refraining from “saving spaces” is a great way to keep lines moving and other guests happy. (A not so fun way to meet new people is to cut in line or jump; you’ll get to hang out with people all the way at the end!)


Smoking, Vaping, and You:

For the comfort of our guests, designated smoking areas have been provided outside the event spaces. These designated smoking areas can be found in spaces 25’ from all doorways, entrances, exits, or operable windows.


The use of traditional or electronic smoking devices (including vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind) is limited to designated smoking areas; no traditional or electronic smoking devices (including vaping and e-cigarettes of any kind) are permitted in the event spaces, hotels, or within spaces 25’ of a doorway, entrance, exit, or operable window.

Food and Drinks:

Outside food or beverages are not permitted in event spaces.


Water fountains and water stations have been provided at many of our event locations, so we encourage all guests to or bring their own bottle with a secure lid, made of a material other than glass (stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are great choices).


Exceptions are made for guests with a medical condition.  Please go to the Information Desk for more information.



We are unable to control all aspects of the event spaces so there is a chance that you may come in contact with Allergens.  If you have a severe allergy, please be prepared to come in contact with that allergen and, if necessary, please have any emergency medication that you may need.  Neither event staff or venues will have any medications available.


No Handouts:

Heroic Halloween does not allow the distribution of any items—including flyers, stickers, cards, or any promotional item—in any area inside or immediately outside event spaces or hotels unless:


The item is distributed from a vendor, artist or exhibitor at a booth in the Exhibit Halls.

The item is approved for placement on the Freebie Table at the Information Desk.


No Soliciting Unless Exhibit Space Has Been Purchased:

No retail sales are allowed anywhere in event spaces unless you purchased or were allocated an Exhibitor, Vendor or Artist space. This includes common areas such as lobbies, program rooms, hotel lobbies and any venue featuring official events.


Badges, Wristbands And Identification:

Registrants will pick up their wristband upon arrival at the convention spaces (there are no passes mailed). Convention wristbands must be visible at all times on your person. Individuals without a wristband will not be granted access to convention space or any other function rooms in the areas in which convention operations are occurring. A member of the convention staff who does not see your pass visible upon your person may ask you to make certain it is visible, or ask you to leave the convention space.


Some of the programming at this event maybe 18 and older content.  Age limited content will be posted on the door and you will be required to show identification before entering.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


What Is Required To Pick Up Passes:

Attendees will need to bring either a valid picture I.D. or copies of both registration confirmation (Square/Wufoo) and payment confirmation.


Attendees under the age of 16 may use a student ID.


Note: Details on obtaining an Oklahoma I.D. can be found here. Generally, the turnaround is same day.


Children 9 Years and Younger:

A child 9 years or younger is $10 available at the door. Children 5 and younger are free with a paid adult wristband.

Service Animals:

Dynamite Conventions and Heroic Halloween welcomes ADA compliant services animals!


Trained service animals are welcome at Heroic Halloween provided that they remain under control of the attendee and are housebroken. To ensure that a service animal remains under control of the attendee they are providing assistance to, all service animals must remain on a leash, harness or tether unless these devices interfere with the animal’s ability to perform its duties or the person’s disability prevents the use of these devices. If that is the case a person must use voice, signal or other effective means to maintain control of an animal. 


When you arrive at Heroic Halloween, we request you check in at our Accessibilities table to meet with our Attendee Services staff. This will be a short process. We will provide a wristband to alert our staff to know to seat you in a space with area for working dogs and serves as a marker that you have already checked in with our staff.


Please know we use these bands for a plethora of reasons and only staff will know what any specific color means.


While it is not required, we do suggest having a vest, patch, or other identifier on your service animal to avoid any potential issues with an attendee who may not be well versed in ADA policy, however again; it is not required. 


Due to liability concerns, we unfortunately cannot permit Emotional Support Animals or Service Dogs-in-Training into our event. 


Please remember: you are only required to answer the two ADA compliant questions that will be asked when you check in. If someone asks you anything beyond those two questions, asks you after you have already checked in, or otherwise tries to interfere with you and your working animal: contact our Accessibilities table or request the head of Attendee Services at our Information Desk.  


Also, in a change to our previous policies: Working animals may now be dressed in costume or cosplay. However, if you choose to participate in any of our cosplay contests, please know that your working animal cannot be considered a part of your cosplay.


Dynamite Conventions, LLC unfortunately does not supply kennel services.


Photography, Video and Media Policy:

Guests who violate these rules may be removed from the property at the convention’s discretion.

  • Photography is generally allowed, however, permission to take a subject's photo must be given before the photo is taken or retroactively received after the photo is taken.  If you do not receive consent for the photo, the photo must be deleted.

  • Photographers are allowed to take photos in the public space using HAND-HELD equipment only. Equipment cannot extend greater than a 15-inch radius around or above the photographer or subject.

  • No free-standing equipment is allowed.

  • Photographers and/or equipment cannot block any public area or impede the safe traffic flow of others (entrances, exits, hallways, etc.).

  • Absolutely no setup of lighting with light stands, ladders, backdrops, large props/signs on the floor, running cords/wires across the floor, etc. will be allowed in public space areas.

  • Photographers and their subjects must also respect the hotels and event spaces environment by not being disruptive or doing anything unsafe (i.e. standing on furniture, climbing into the fountains, hanging items from a light pole, etc.).

  • All photographers must have valid event credentials (attendee badge/wristband).

  • The use of drones is not permitted.


Photographs, Video, Media and Promotional Material Policy:

  • Participants in this or any other Dynamite Conventions events are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized staff photographers. By purchasing your registration, you inherently grant permission to use such images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.

  • Dynamite Conventions reserves the right to utilize any media recorded at this or any Dynamite Conventions event including photography and video.


Photographs, Video, Media and Panels/Events:

  • Due to contractual obligations, many of our guests, panelist and content providers do not allow any photography, video or media taken of their events.  If you are asked to put recording devices away (including your phone) please comply.

  • No Video or Audio Recording of Movie and TV Panels

  • No video or audio recording is allowed of the footage on the screens during movie and television panels or within the viewing rooms at Heroic Halloween. The footage shown is exclusive, brought to Heroic Halloween by the studios and networks. Please respect their rights and allow us to continue to show this type of material to our attendees.


The Policies extend to ALL Dynamite Conventions, LLC sponsored events!


Props Policy:

Enforcement of these rules is enacted with ZERO tolerance.  No warnings will be given.

Any infraction of these rules may be met with expulsion from the convention without refund and could include law enforcement involvement. 




A WEAPON is defined as follows:


“Illegal Knife” means a:


  • knife with a blade over 4 ½ inches.

  • hand instrument designed to cut or stab another by being thrown

  • dagger, including but not limited to a dirk, kunai, shuriken, tessen or poniard

  • bowie knife

  • sword

  • spear


“Club” means an instrument that is specifically designed, made, or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury or death by striking a person with the instrument. Includes, but is not limited to:


  • blackjack

  • nightstick

  • mace

  • tomahawk

  • bat (wooden or metal)


"Live steel" is defined as swords, knives, or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. Dull metal weapons are considered live steel, and therefore are not permitted.



Dealers will sell any defined weapon to persons of at least 18 years of age. Any dealer selling to minors will be removed from the convention and proper authorities may be notified.


All Dealers must box, wrap, or peace-tie any weapon sold. Weapons are to be held by dealer until the customer is able to remove the weapon from the event space.


The sale of firearms, Airsoft, and any other mechanical weapon is strictly prohibited.




  • Props brought to the con should be fake and part of your costume (no live steel or guns).

  • Items that could be used as actual weapons, such as large wooden swords or sticks, will need to be peace-bond upon entry. By bringing these items you agree to handle them in a safe and responsible manner.

  • By federal law, any props that appear to be real firearms (plastic guns and the like) need to have government safety orange visibly displayed on the tip of the barrel.

  • Clubs (including bats) that are wooden or metal are not allowed in the convention center.

  • All prop firearms MUST BE PERMANENTLY DISABLED and COMPLETELY INOPERABLE. This includes Nerf Guns, plastic guns, and AirSoft.

  • Wooden swords are allowed as long as they have gone through the safety check and are handled responsibly.

  • All Oklahoma laws on purchasing weapons will be followed.

  • Drawing of props, horseplay, or careless handling of props in public places is not allowed and will result in loss of membership and expulsion from the convention.

  • Purchased weapons must be removed from the convention and the hotel’s public spaces.

  • All cosplay/costume participants planning to use props onstage must present their props for inspection and demonstrate their intended use for the staff. Any unauthorized props or actions involving props onstage or backstage will result in disqualification and any further actions deemed necessary by Dynamite Conventions, LLC or Heroic Halloween Staff.

  • All persons handling props do so at their own risk.


These rules will be strictly enforced. Any infractions WILL cost you the offending items and may cause expulsion from the convention and the hotel’s public spaces without refund. All decisions made by the staff regarding the Weapons Policy are final. Please note that the Weapons Policy is subject to change and may be done so without notice.




Cosplay/Costume is not consent!!


Dynamite Conventions, LLC does not tolerate harassment of any type at any of its events. Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence.


Gender Neutral Dress Code:

While we support your creativity and craftsmanship, Heroic Halloween and Dynamite Convention does require that your cosplay/costume meet the following requirements:


  • Nipples and areolas must be completely covered on everyone. Pasties are acceptable so long as the nipples and areolas are completely obscured. No awkward outlines.

  • Hips To Groin, front and back, needs to be covered. No "crack" showing.

  • A dancer’s belt or sports cup for those who are wearing form fitting costumes/cosplay/costumes.

  • Use of dress/body tape is recommended to avoid “wardrobe malfunctions”

  • Foot coverings are required. "cosplay/costume Sandals" (the illusion of being barefoot) are acceptable, so long as they are secure and no part of your feet come in contact with the floor.


Our staff may question you about your costume/cosplay/costume to ensure that all parts are properly secure and each of these five rules are adhered to.


If your Costume/cosplay/costume does not meet these rules, you will not be allowed into the convention space or you may be asked to leave.


Cosplay/Costume Etiquette:

1. Ask permission, not forgiveness–and keep your eyes up:

Want to take a picture of a cosplay/costume? Ask, and ask politely, rather than snapping the picture covertly.  If they say no, then accept that the answer is no–don’t try to sneak the shot in anyway. Also, look them in the eyes when you speak to them and not in the … well you know.


2. Choose the right time:

If someone is eating or resting, please allow them their time to rest.


3. Choose the right place:

When taking photos, do your best not to block hall traffic … Makes it easier for other people to move around and less chance of a random person walking in front of your photo.


4. Hands off other people's props:

This seems like it should go without saying, but there have been instances I have seen where people have actually run off with a friend’s prop or grabbed it and started playing with it, resulting in a break. Props can take a very, very long time to make and most tend to be fairly fragile. If someone says you can handle it, handle it with care. You wouldn’t want your props broken, so don’t do it to someone else.


5. If something about someone’s costume is inaccurate or poorly made, do not berate them for it:

Does not matter what you think of the quality of their craftsmanship, they spent time and effort to make it.


6. They are not obligated to do anything that makes them uncomfortable!


7. Be careful where you step:

Some people have long or elaborate costumes that might be difficult to maneuver in. Keep an eye on where you’re going so you don’t accidentally ruin someone’s costume.


8.   If you're brandishing a cosplay/costume prop, it does not deserve its own seat during panels and events.


First Aid:

NO Pharmaceuticals are available onsite.

  • No Pharmaceuticals will be given to Attendees or Staff

  • Staff may provide basic first aid.

  • In case of Emergency, contact Emergency Medical Services (911) or the First Aid Staff can contact them on your behalf.

  • All financial responsibility for charges incurred by outside Medical Services or Emergency Services are the responsibility of the recipient of Medical Services.